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DGtizers Artist Glove DGtizers Artist Glove
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Brand: DGtizers Model: DG-01
Black glove for graphics monitor or graphic tablet user. Providing a more comfortable feeling when you are drawing...
99EGP 199EGP
Brand: XPPen Model: AC-04
XPPen AC 04 is a pack of 5 nibs which can be used for:P01 stylus (Star 01, 02, 03, G430, G430S, G540, G640 & Star 06)P05 stylus ( Deco 03, Star G640S, Artist 15.6, Artist 13.3V2, Deco 01 v2 )P03 stylus ( Star 04, 05 & Deco 01) P05D (Deco Mini 4, Deco Mini7 , Deco Mini 7W)You can simply ..
Brand: XPPen Model: AC-40
AC 40 is a pack of 5 nibs which can be used for:P06: (Deco 02 & Artist 12)PH03: (Star G960, Star G960S) PH2: (Star G960S Plus).You can simply change the nib by removing the old one with the nib clipper provided and placing the new one..
Brand: Huion Model: Huion PN05
Compatible Products PW500, PW507..
Brand: XPPen Model: AC-60
AC 60 is a pack of 5 nibs which can be used for:PA1: (Deco Pro Small & Medium) PA2: (Artist 12 Pro, Artist 13.3 Pro, Artist 15.6 Pro, Artist 22R Pro, Artist 24 Pro).You can simply change the nib by removing the old one with the nib clipper found at the bottom of the barrel box of stylus and..
Model: TYPE-C V268
Enjoy Dual Monitor DisplaysKeep Your Desk Clutter-free with Multi-function Laptop Stand Type-C Docking Stations With Wireless Charger, This USB-C laptop Docking station supports Connect Dual External monitors and other USB devices.Don't work hard, work smart you can expand your laptop or tablet with..
Brand: Huion Model: 10 Nibs
10 Nibs Used as replacements for Graphics Drawing Stylus. Suitable for all Huion branded graphic stylus.Steps to Replace a Pen NibStep 1: Use a removal tool(included in the original box when you buy a Huion tablet) to take the old nib out of your stylus.Step 2: Put a new nib in your stylus and push ..
Brand: Huion Model: Huion PN04
For PW100, PW201Compatible with : H610 Pro v2H640PH950PH1060PHS610H320M HS64..
Brand: Huion Model: HC-C2A
Compatible WithG10T, H1161, H320M, Q620M, HS611..
Brand: XPPen Model: ac89
XPPen USB Cable only for Star G960S & Star G960S Plus..
Brand: XPPen Model: PH02
Compatible with: XPPen Star G960S Plus XPPen Artist Pro 16 TP The PH2 Stylus Pen does not require batteries or charging and supports long hours of uninterrupted drawing.PH2 has an eraser at the end. Modeled from a traditional pencil8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, supports 60 degr..
Brand: XPPen Model: SPE40
3 in 1 Cable for:XPPen Artist10SXPPen Artist13.3XPPen Artist 12 ProXPPen Artist 13.3 ProXPPen Artist15.6 XPPen Artist15.6 Pro..
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