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Inspiroy RTP-700

 Easy-to-carry pen tablet.

 8.5mm thickness and 637g weight, the tablet is lightweight and easy-to-carry, which ensures a great partner for drawing on the go.

Digital drawing made more natural.

As a new product that adopts a full covered panel with printed dot grid, pen tablet RTP-700 enables users to define the working area easily. Additionally, the pc material of the panel greatly mimic the texture of paper, ensuring natural and comfortable pen-on-paper drawing experience.

 Brand new digital pen PW400.

This battery-free digital pen is designed to enhance the drawing experience with a comfortable grip and traditional pen design. With a 10mm sensing height, ±0.3mm accuracy and a 300 PPS report rate, the PW400 precisely and realistically follows the users drawing movements.

Delicate reproduction of details.

Equipped with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, pen tablet RTP-700 ensures authentic and natural reproduction of lines and strokes with different saturations and widths. Additionally, ±60° tilt support helps to add shadings in a more dynamic way.

Capture every stroke, no matter how fast you draw.

With up to 300PPS report rate, the ideas will flow smoothly between the panel and the pen nib, and the drawing will be accurately reproduced without any latency, which better meet the needs of professional creation.

High efficiency brought by touch keys.

6 programmable Touch Keys and a Touch Strip allow for a faster workflow and can be programmed to your favorite keyboard shortcuts for your favorite apps and software.

USB-C for easy connection.

 USB-C port allows the device to be connected easily and quickly without caring about the right plug orientation of the cable.

Technology Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
Active Area PC Mode: 279.4 x 174.6 mm (11 x 6.875 Inch) Android Mode: 98.2 x 174.6 mm
Stylus Pen PW400
Pen Pressure 8192 levels
Tilt Function ±60°
Reading Height 10mm
Report Rate (Revolutions per Second) >300PPS
Resolution (Lines per Inch) 5080 LPI
Accuracy ±0.3mm
eraser -
Express Keys 6 Programmable Touch Keys
Roller Wheel -
Touch Shortcut Touch strip
Multi-Touch -
Wireless Support -
Dimensions/piece 345.6*214.8*8.5 mm
Net Weight 637 g
Colour black
Material Plastic
Operating Conditions
Ports Included USB-C
Hardware Requirements USB-A
OS Support Win 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Mac OS 10.11.0 or above
What's included & Extras
What's Included Pen Tablet, Battery-free Pen, USB-C Cable, Pen Holder, OTG Adapter, Pen Nibs x 10, Quick Start Guide
Warranty 1 Year

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